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Yealink VC800 VC Room System

Designed for Better Collaboration

Yealink helps to cut long-distance communication costs and satisfies the multi-point conference needs of the modern workplace. The Yealink VC800 room system is ideal for medium and large meeting room environments. It features an all-in-one design and first-class video and audio technology that creates an easier and more effective collaboration experience. As the newest generation of Yealink VC series video conferencing systems, the VC800 adopts an intuitive user interface that makes meeting control simpler. Featuring H.265/HEVC, Opus and HD voice, the Yealink VC800 facilitates more immersive audio-visual collaboration. By leveraging Yealink Meeting Server(YMS), the VC800 seamlessly supports Meeting Scheduling and One-touch Meeting Access.

Satisfy Multipoint Conference Needs Thanks to the Powerful MCU

Yealink VC800 room system is designed to solve small and medium company's multi-party conference needs. Equipped with the powerful built-in MCU, Yealink VC800 supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity and it can be divided into 2 Virtual Meeting Rooms which perfectly meets modern workplace long-distance communication needs.

The Most Powerful Multi-Camera Solution Ever

The VC800 multi-camera solution enables up to 9 cameras to work at the same time. You can control each camera separately, put all cameras in one picture, or set certain picture larger/full screen. The deployment is simple by connecting VC800 and VCC22 cameras to PoE switch only with Ethernet cables, no need for extra power supplies for VCC22, or extra video matrix.

Interaction And Collaboration Enhance The Conference Experience Comprehensively

  • Multiple participants can annotate content sharing at the same time, assisting a highly-efficient video conference.
  • Multi-party interaction on an electronic whiteboard, real-time synchronization of each party's writing track, and a variety of handwriting options all help to bring a better collaborative experience.
  • Supports local multi-screen interaction. Paring with WPP20, users can easily realize reverse control of computer via touchable TV or CTP20.

6-Meter Full-Duplex High-Quality Sound Pickup, Smart Noise Proof

  • The microphone features 360 ° omnidirectional high-quality voice pickup in a radius of 6 meters. By maximum cascade of four microphones, the voice pickup scope can be effectively expanded. Matching with Yealink MSpeaker, the audio effect would be more excellent.
  • Yealink patented smart noise proof technology eliminates the noise of keyboard, mouse click and other non-voice interference intelligently, making the communication more focused.

All-in-one Design Creates Easier Meeting Experience and Simpler Deployment

Yealink VC800 owns a compact design which combines codec and camera together, only one CAT5E standard network cable could connect TV area and conference table. Brand-new intuitive user interface and touch panel make meeting simpler to control.

Compatibility and Integration

Support standard H.323/SIP dual-protocol. Deeply integrated with Yealink Meeting Server(YMS), Yealink VC800 supports Meeting Scheduling and, One-touch Meeting Access. By working with Yealink 5 Cloud Management Service, Yealink VC800 also brings quick deployment. Besides, it supports the 3rd-party room system and integrates with the leading cloud platforms.
Multipoint Maximum multipoint capability up to 24 sites
Virtual meeting rooms 2
Automatic voice-activated switching layout
Camera Features Zoom 12X optical
Frame rate 60 FPS
Horizontal field of view 70°
Multi-camera solution Support up to 1+8 cameras
Video Features Video call quality up to 1080p60fps
Bandwidth requirement 1080P from 512kbps in H.265
Video packet Loss recovery 30%
Local HD recording to USB flash drive
Collaboration Touch Panel Display 13.3-inch full-fit capacitive touch screen
Maximum devices connections simultaneously 4
Touch Pen support active pressure capacitance pen
Video Conferencing Microphone Array 3-microphone array
voice pickup range 20ft / 6 meters
Maximum devices connections simultaneously 4
Yealink Noise Proof Technology
Collaboration Features Whiteboard
Annotation on content sharing
Multi-screen interaction
Reverse control √*
Network & Security TCP/IP IPv4 and IPv6
Communication protocols H.323 / SIP
Traversal features ICE/TURN/STUN/NAT/H.460
Encryption SRTP/TLS/H.235/AES 256-bit
Physical Connections Video output 2 x HDMI
Video input for content 1 x HDMI &
1 x Mini Display Port
VCH/Phone port 1 x RJ45
USB interface 2 x USB2.0 in VC800 codec
1 x USB2.0 in VCH50 cable hub
1 x USB2.0 in CTP20
Network interface 1 x 10/100/1000M Ethernet
Power adapter 48V/0.7A
Video Codec H.265, H.264 High Profile, H.264, H.263, H.263+
Audio Codec ARES, Opus (8-48kHz), G.722.1C, G.722.1, G.722, G.711 (PCMU/PCMA), G.729
Video Resolution 1080P, 720P, 540P, 360P, 4CIF, CIF
Compatible Cloud Yealink Meeting Server, Yealink Cloud Management Service, Pexip, Mind, Zoom, BlueJeans

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