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Cloud PBX - Qatar

Cloud PBX Phone Systems for your business
Take your business communications to the next level with our unified cloud PBX solution.

Cloud PBX Qatar

Elevate your business communications with our unified cloud PBX solution. Enjoy the convenience of a number on the go and a fully wireless solution.


Blue Lynx Cloud PBX Solution is a customizable solution for businesses of all sizes and provides All-in-One Cloud PBX Phone Systems.

Blue Lynx Cloud PBX Solution is a customizable solution for businesses of all sizes and provides All-in-One Cloud PBX Phone Systems.

Whether searching for a cloud PBX for a small business with one number or a larger enterprise, Blue Lynx Cloud PBX solution has you covered.

Because everything is hosted in the cloud, there is no need to take up space with bulky physical PBXs on your business premises. This is perfect for brands where space is at a premium. As your business grows, so can your cloud PBX phone system, which has easy scalability. It empowers you to add more lines and functionality as needed or as individual users require.

Advantages of Cloud PBX:

  1. It’s Flexible:

    With Virtual PBX, it’s straightforward to add, delete users, and incorporate present traditional phone system hardware into a virtual PBX system.

  2. It’s Upgradeable:

    When new software launches for the cloud PBX system, it can easily be released without the need for a subscriber to make server changes. This is because the provider maintains the servers, so if the upgrade takes place, the updates done by providers.

  3. It’s Scalable:

    If you go upwards with an on-premise PBX system, you will add servers. Most businesses will provide the handsets and cables for any new employee they hire.

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Affordable for the SME

With most of our solutions available for a small monthly fee, even the smallest business can afford an enterprise-class phone system. We guarantee you will save money when you buy solution from us.

Easy to use and manage

The user-friendly web-based control panel allows you to customize your phone system on the fly, including adding, moving and changing extensions and configuring how your incoming phone calls are routed. You can also purchase an IP phone and connect to our cloud.


Our solutions are based on a highly stabilized version with modifications that add reliability and increased performance. Our hybrid-hosted architecture proactively monitors and maintains your system to ensure that your system is always humming.

Scales as you grow

The solutions has been designed and thoroughly tested for both single-ste businesses with basic telephony needs, to national corporations with distributed call centers that need advanced presence management and communication tools.

Business Continuity

Availability of multiple redundancy and backup options for your critical application ensures that your business stay on course at all times.

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